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Have a look at the virtual HP48 cemetery !  :-(

Here you find some programs for the hp48 which I found useful during my "active" HP48 phase. I don't update this side anymore, so they may be out of date.

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HP48 FAQ 4.45 (packed) My own HP48 programs
The virtual HP48 cemetery
All the programs on this page are running without problems on my 48GX. Nevertheless it's your own risk to use them. Be careful with 48S(X)es!

I don't feel responsible for any "Try to recover memory?" or any other problem you have when using these programs! [But if it's coming hard, I'll bury your HP on my Virtual graveyard ;-) ]

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Program Description
HP Paint A painter for the HP
Stpwatch Stopwatch
Remote 3.4 Use the HP as IR remote control. Lots of predefined remotes included.  
- NO JOKE ! -
Stringwriter 4.4 Very complete and fast editor for strings, programs etc.
Rolodex 6.5 Good database
ALG48 V4.0 Mathematical tools
Exal 6.1 Spreadsheet application
XCell48 Another spreadsheet application
Fat_db Another database

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Java 3.0 Alternative stack with lots of funktions
Smartkeys 1.59G Tools zur Arbeit mit Tastenbelegungen usw.
PC-HP 1.0 Very fast transfer program to/from PC via cable. Forget Kermit!
-LIB- 2.3 Several Tools for creating libraries
UFL 1.0 Universal Font Library, wird von einigen anderen Programmen benötigt
PCT 5.60G File-Manager for variables and libraries. A must have when you use Ramcards
PCT 5.7GX PCT 5.60G plus several extensions (but not from the author of PCT). Uses 32K RAM.
JAZZ 6.5 Huge utility for developing SYS-RPL and assembler programs
JAZZ light 6 Reduced Jazz which needs less memory
Header Displays a permanent picture in the status area

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Arkanoid Very good Arkanoid version with greyscale-graphics
Boulder Dash Pretty good Boulder Dash
Columns Game similar to a vertical Tetris
Columns II Columns in a greyscale version
HPChess 1.0 Very good Chess with grafix. Didn't beat it yet :-(( 
Lemmings Lemmings
Mario Mario Brothers jump 'n' run
Monopoly Monopoly
Pentris Similar to Tetris
Tamagotchi! 0.1 IF you need a Tamagotchi take this one.  
Better feed your calculator with progs from this page! 
Tetris This game is very addictive. I now even play it on the toilet. (sometimes!)
Treklib Star Trek game, unfinished but funny
Willy Jump 'n' run game
Omega Great horizontal Shoot'em up like R-Type. Completely in greyscales. 
Civilization Similar to Civilization on PCs. A bit difficult and in french.
DoomGX Doom. It's possible to play it with two players via cable
Meganoid Arkanoiid-like game
Hunter Project  

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Whirl Grafik-Demo
Big Bug I never thought this would be possible. Remember: A Microsoft mousedriver is much bigger...
Stardemo Flying with a starship
Axel digitized Axel F theme
Dgtaxel nearly the same
Hotsnow It's winter!
Walking man demo A little man walking infront of a multilevel-scroll
Starwars Starwars scroller

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My own HP48 programs

These programs are written in User-RPL. For speed improvements they contain several SYSEVALS, so they should only be used on HP48G(X) Series. Running them on HP49 or HP48SX is not recommended.

Programm Beschreibung
Kalender 2.35 Scheduler - not very fast, but tons of functions  (Wrote it during hundreds of boring lessons...)
IR Jokes - Scanning text with the IR Inputline   
- Geiger-Müller-counter
Tools Library 2.2 TSEND, TSERVE: fast IR data transfer   
USEND, URECV: faster IR transfer  
USAG: Shows the required arguments of the HP's commands   
BZ: Packer  
ORD: faster ORDER command  
D2F: converts decimal to fractions   
RCK: extracts key definitions   
TYCON: Shows symbols for the type of variables   
CODE: converts any object into a CODE object  
CMEN: CST key as 3rd shift-key. Simply assign this command to CST by 23.1 ASN.  
CSN: Similar to the regular command "ASN", but for my (great) CMEN (can be used to assign keys).   
Before using CMEN first, store an empty list {} to a variable called "CKEY" in the main directory.   
CDEL: Delete a CST-definition   
CGET:Extract the function assigned to a CST-key   
NULL: Null-Char  
FBROW3: fast flag-browser   
CONTR: change the display contrast by software
Picture Library 9 nice greyscale pics...
Fremdwortgenerator Generates thousands of complicated (mostly senseless) german words. 
Alltypes Directory with ALL possible object types. For tests. Try Tycoon from the Tools Library above
Tele Sound of a ringing handy
Interlace Showing a 131x128 GROB completely on the Display (which is 131x64)

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